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Dear Friend,

My name is Louise Ledbrook and I’m really pleased you have arrived here at our site.

I have found that some of the essential ingredients to success is Mentoring, Leadership and working on the "Right Things", "The Right Way".

One of my driving principles in everything I do in my business is it must in some way improve the life, business or career of others, so that is what I want to do for you, but I'm not going to stop there. Every time you purchase a product from you are helping us Help the Community as a whole as well.

But I’ll tell you more about that later, first I want to tell you why Active Development: Mentoring Activities even exists and how it can help you.

Best of luck on your mentoring journey!


Louise Ledbrook

Let me ask you this....


Great mentors and leaders have been integral to my success

I have had not just good but great mentors and leaders that have been integral to the success of my career, I owe a lot to them.

“I honestly would not be where I am today without those mentors having been in my life.”

They have taken me leaps and bounds in my career over the years.


I have also had the fortunate opportunity, of having mentees myself, actually it has been a privilege to be their mentor because I learn so much from the experience myself, every time.

I really believe that without having good teachers and mentors in your life you will not progress as far as you would if you did not.

However, having a good teacher or mentor is one thing, whether what they do and how they work with you enables you to be successful is another.

"Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher." – Japanese Proverb


Now, this didn’t occur to me until I became a mentor myself...

The Big Question
"Why were my mentors so successful in the way they worked with me?"

Personally I found that when I had awesome mentors that challenged me to take action was when I was most successful and excelled.

They encouraged me to actively learn and develop.


So why did this learning style work?

They challenged me
I actually applied the knowledge they had passed onto me
They gave me exercises and activities where I had to actually go away and do something
They tracked me, followed me up and reviewed to make sure that it worked
It wasn’t just a general conversation, it was active learning


I wanted my mentees and employees to have the same great experience I had

So when I became a mentor I really wanted to do that for my mentees also. I wanted my employee or mentee to actually get something out of the relationship and I wanted them to think I was a really good mentor. 

I wanted them to go away thinking...

“You know, I got heaps out of that, having you as my mentor has been invaluable to my career and it drove me to success.”.

I wanted them to be in a position one day to say things like...

“I am now a successful Executive because of the things you taught me.  They led me on the right road, took me on the path to success.”

That’s what I wanted them to think. Do you want that too?

I wanted them to walk out of every session I had with them.....

 With something to do and something to think about
 With something to bite their teeth into
 Thoughts to be clicking over in their mind
 To be challenged and getting creative

It’s a learning experience after all. Mentorship is about learning and development and you need to make sure that that is what you give the person as your mentee, protégé or employee.


So how do I achieve this? And how can you?

I searched but could not find anything that gave me the answers I was looking for. So I used to spend a lot of time coming up with creative activities, I would search the Internet for inspiration. I’d get the text books out and leadership books off the bookshelf. I’d buy all sorts of different products. I’d find a bit here and pull a bit out of there.

hard work

And you know what, in the end, that is actually a lot of hard work, it actually took a lot of time.  I would spend many a Sunday night, hours in the study, when I would have much rather been cuddled up on the couch watching the Sunday movie.

Every time your mentee comes to you with a new topic they need to work on you have to come up with a new activity, you’ve got to come up with a new creative way to challenge them

It’s all well and good to sit in a meeting and discuss it with them but...

You learn through action!

And grow through doing!

So I needed to set them a challenge.

The activities they do also need to take them to their end goal!


You don’t just want to set them anything. They need to be the Right Things. You need to set them activities that are relevant, and proven for success.

If you want that too, not longer do you need to go through all the hard work I did, I've done it for you.

Here's an example of all this in action and one of my favourites

Top Pick
A few years ago while working for one of Australia’s largest financial services companies, I was working on a program of work that was as a result of the merger of two of Australia’s largest regional banks at the time and I had a Project Manager working on one of the pieces of work with me who was Excellent but new and she fortunately, or unfortunately, was introduced to the intricacies’ of personalities and projects while on this project.

Now having been there myself before and having a manager who handled it very poorly, I really wanted to help her find a way to make this team work.

So one of the activities in Active Development: Mentoring Activities is the one I worked on with her called “How do they take it in?” which helped her work through finding ways that different team members work and what they respond best to so that you can find the best way to work with each individual effectively.

Here’s what she has to say about it:

"I found this exercise really helpful during a stressful time. I was becoming quite frustrated and unfortunately, as much as you would like others to change it doesn’t work that way. I decided that I needed to work out how I could work better with them.

Louise took me through this exercise over a couple of sessions and it was really valuable to work through how I was going to approach situations differently in the future and also assess myself in each situation.

It made a huge difference. Although things are never perfect, it made my day to day work a lot easier and I will definately take those skills with me to my next projects."

Alicia Cini, Melbourne, Australia


So what's the solution for you?

It occurred to me that it would be AWESOME to have a little resource, this fabulous book that I could go to whenever I needed a challenge or an activity. Something I can set for my mentee to make sure that the learning sticks, they actively learn and that in the end they are successful in their career.

So I decided to put together this unique little package of activities and exercises that you can also use with your mentee. I have seen nothing like it anywhere else.

I've taken that hard work out of it, the hard work has been done for you!

We’ve collated this book based on proven topics and proven development areas which will result in success.


What makes a good mentor?

Take a look at the following extract from an online survey carried out by The Centre for Coaching and Mentoring, Inc. and reported by Matt M. Starcevich, Ph.D., on the Characteristics of the Most Effective Mentors.

Characteristics of the Most Effective Mentors
Matt M. Starcevich, Ph.D.

During the first quarter of 2003 an on-line survey was conducted by the Center for Coaching & Mentoring, Inc. The objective of the survey was to better understand what the purpose of the most effective mentoring relationship was and the behaviors of the respondents most effective mentor. Seventy individuals responded; twenty males and fifty females, with seventy-four percent being under forty-five years of age. When asked about the main purpose of their most effective mentoring relationship the group results were:

Skill Development 36%
Career Advancement 24%
Job Performance 20%
Life Skills 13%
Studies/school work 8%



So what are the "Right Things" you ask?

You can see from these survey results, skill development, career advancement and job performance top the list.

In Active Development: Mentoring Activities we have included activities on areas like....

Improving your Communication, or your Leadership

Communication Exercise

Personal Brand Example

What about Personal Brand?

What is your brand?

  • When you put on your outfit in the morning what is that saying to the people around you?

  • When you stand up and speak what is the way that you speak saying to the people in the room?

  • What sort of presence are you creating?

These things, matter in Career Advancement and Development

Career Growth Exercise

Time Mangaement Exercise

Time Management, this is imperative in any business, especially for those people that are very time poor and busy

How are you using your time? You don’t even think about it, do you?

So many people are so busy they don’t even think about how busy they are and how efficient they could be.

Do you challenge yourself to be more efficient?

Learning how to Work Well With Team Members

There’s some great exercises in here on being able to work well with your team members whether it’s in a project or a regular operational work team.

Team Exercise
Delegation Exercise

Delegation, really big one. People hang onto things.

But how do you change that?
How do you train them?
How do you teach them so that they get better at delegation?

We have activities in this book that will help you do all that!

You don’t have to think of them, they are all here for you.


So how will Active Development: Mentoring Activities help you?

It will provide you with the tried and tested tools to:

Challenge your mentee to actively learn and develop
Enable you to keep things interesting
Work on the Right Things for success
Never be without an answer as to how to work on a topic or address a challenge
Ensure your mentee progresses forwards and finds success
Ensure your success as an effective mentor

“This is a must have in your mentoring or management toolkit”

Personally I wish I had this tool years ago. I would have used this on a weekly basis with my mentees or even my team members.

Now you will have this handy little resource when your mentee or employee comes to you with a problem. Active Development: Mentoring Activities will give you the answers to the tried and tested best way to work on that problem.

If you’re like me and you’ve been doing this for years and wish you’d had it for years or your new to being a mentor, even better, AWESOME! You’re lucky enough to stumble across this now!

You can pop this into your little mentorship toolkit right now!


Immediate Access

The book is a downloadable PDF eBook that you will be able to view freely on your PC, Mac or even your iPhone. You will get immediate access to a secure download right after your purchase.

The book can then be opened with the free Acrobat Reader program.


You will have immediate access to over 50 activities and exercises on relevant topics such as:

To name a few


Limited time offer....

I want to make life a bit easier for you so if you buy today we are also including the following great bonuses.

6 Part Tutorial Series

tutorial series



You will receive this 6 Part Tutorial Series via email over 3 weeks. It will provide you with fantastic information on mentoring and includes some great effective mentoring tips.

The series will cover:

  • Definition of mentoring

  • The Concepts of Mentoring, Coaching and Directing

  • Mentoring Best Practices

  • The Fine Art of Mentoring – Mentoring Programs

  • Effective Mentoring Relationships

  • Why Join a Mentoring Program?

Quick Reference Guide - Over 40 Conversation Starters

Mentoring Conversation Starters



In this Quick Reference Guide you will find a set of Mentor Questions and Mentee Questions to help kick start the mentor mentee relationship.

Use these mentoring questions to find out a bit about each other in your first few meetings. They will help you determine things like what each of you wants from the mentorship.

Over 30 Challenging Discussion Topics

Challenging Discussion Topics



Over 30 Challenging Discussion Topics to have between mentor and mentee / protégé.

You will find great topics like, lessons learned from past experiences, politics of your business, constructive criticism and networking.

Yet another handy resource in your mentoring for success toolkit!

Corporate License for your Mentoring Program

Corporate License



By purchasing this package you will also get a Corporate Program License.

This means you can share this with the mentors in your mentoring program for them to use with their mentees, protégés or employees.



Be Part of Something Great and Help Us Build A School

Since this is all about learning and development we thought what better way to improve the lives of others than by Building a School for a needy community.

Jackie Chan Dragon's HeartWe are working with Jackie Chan and his Dragon's Heart Foundation

Since 2005 the Dragon's Heart Foundation has built over two dozen schools, provided books, fees, and uniforms, and has raised millions of dollars to give much-needed educational opportunities to the poor in China and now also in Europe.

Will be contributing $3 for every copy of Active Development: Mentoring Activities sold, so get in Now and be part of this fantastic cause.

"Now You Will Have Everything You Need to Ensure Your Mentoring Success and You Will Have Also Helped Educate Others Less Fortunate."


This is why this resource is for you...


Hard Work, Gone! It is all done for you


Failing, tedious mentorship No More!


Everything you need is here in this one resource package


Here is the key to ensuring your mentoring success


You never have to worry about whether you are working on the Right Things


All the ideas you need for activities are here


You will have all your important key topics covered


You will ensure the success of your mentee by making sure the knowledge sticks


Instant access with you downloading the product as soon as you purchase


So Let's Get Started

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Here's what some of our customers have to say...


"Active Development: Mentoring Activities is exactly what I was looking for. It can be really difficult coming up with great activities for your mentee and now I have no problems coming up with meaningful exercises because I can find them all in this book!"

Sarah Crewdson, Relocation Laws, Canberra Australia


"I have truly enjoyed this tutorial and have gleaned some valuable material from it.

Many thanks for this presentation and please know I will be using the material in the coming months."

Kim Hammers, Program Coordinator, YMCA Building Futures
Port Townsend WA, USA


"When I started with a new mentee, I was really worried that I couldn’t provide the stimulation and depth of challenges to really keep them interested. I wanted them to feel they were actually getting somewhere from the relationship.  

After starting to use Active Development: Mentoring Activities, it really felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders! Not only did this book help my mentoring relationship, i was also surprised to discover it also helped me. I was hitting a plateau professionally and needed some fresh perspective. The practical, down to earth approach hit home and now I am re-working my own goals as well as my mentee's.

Thoroughly recommend!"

Lauren Oswald, London, United Kingdom


"A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could." Unknown author


What you will find inside

If you really want a core resource you can go to whenever you need a great way to work through a problem or development area with your mentee, you have found it here!

Active Development: Mentoring Activities has Over 50 Mentoring Activities and Exercises to carry out on key development areas relevant to success in your business and career.

The following is a Full Listing of All the Mentoring Topics covered in the core book:

Pretty great list hey? You are sure to find what you need in here.

You will also find a chapter 'What is mentoring?'


“Any genuine teaching will result, if successful, in someone’s knowing how to bring about a better condition of things than existed earlier.” – John Dewey



Lost track of all the fantastic things you get?

When you order Active Development: Mentoring Activities you will receive:

Active Development: Mentoring Activities – Over 50 Activities and Exercises to sky rocket you to success
Six Part Tutorial Series - this email series sent to your inbox over 3 weeks is packed with great information on mentoring and more importantly effective mentoring
Quick Reference Guide - Over 40 Conversation Starters for the mentor and mentee to get the ball rolling
Over 30 Challenging Discussion Topics for mentor and mentee to use on your journey in addition to the activities and exercises
Corporate License for use in your mentoring program or sharing with employees
60 Day 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee, no questions asked
The opportunity to be part of something great and help Build A School
Safe and Secure Payments using PayPal's secure payment processing server

$610 Value!


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So stop putting in all the hard work yourself!

Don't let your Mentorship Fail, Guarantee your Success today!


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P.P.S Remember you will also not only be helping yourself but others less fortunate.



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